10 Tips for Promoting Your New Year’s Eve Event

There’s not long to go now, just over a month until New Year’s Eve 2013 is upon us. Many of you will be reviewing how your event is doing and wondering how you can better promote it and really start to drive some ticket sales. The best place to start thinking about this is by visiting Skiddle’s Promotion Centre however to help you out, we’ve created our top 10 tips for promoting your New Year’s Eve event.

 10. Get promoting your event now!

In 2012 the most successful New Year’s Eve events listed their events around the start of November with the majority of events that sold out before NYE having listed their event by the 7th December. Be sure to have your NYE event listed in our New Year’s Eve Guide as early as possible – this will give you maximium exposure and ensure you have time market the event as well as giving you the opportunity to review the data that’s coming in and make any necessary changes.

9. Plenty of early bird ticket options

We all like to feel like we’ve got a deal, especially if we are buying something well in advance. This definitely applies to ticket sales, so make sure you’ve got a number of ticket releases with varying price points that reward those event goers that buy tickets early. This isn’t just about selling more tickets, the earlier your attendees buy their tickets the more time they’ll have to convince their friends to come with them.

8. Use password protected guestlists

You want to create some exclusivity at your event and guest lists are a great way to do this, using the Promotion Centre you can create a guestlist that’s password protected which means you can really reward your loyal event attendees who in turn will become your brand advocates (and hopefully bring more of their friends!).

7. Create unique content every time

Make sure you don’t use the same pasted content every time you promote your event online, by mixing it up you will encourage your potential event goers to explore your content more and really get engaged with it. This will also help you dominate the search engines for the keywords you’re targeting.

6. Think Socially

Keep using social media channels to encourage your visitors back to your listing and change it up over time to give your audience a bit of variety. Remember to link up your event page on Facebook with your event page on Skiddle, by doing this you’ll also feed the RSVP data on Facebook through to Skiddle letting our users know your event’s popularity (and hopefully they’ll spot one of two of their friends’ profile pictures there too!).

5. Convert event goers into event promoters

Skiddle’s ticket shop has the most sophisticated integration with Facebook on the market and this frictionless sharing enables your event, and transactions to be seen by friends of your event goers – this means they will be promoting your event for you – on average this increases sales to an event by around 20%!

4. Learn from the data

New Years Eve is a unique night out for many people around the UK and they know what they want. You’ll have your theme established but you can use data from Skiddle’s promotion centre to work out how to improve the event you’re promoting to make it match the expectations of your events goers. For example by putting a number of tickets on sale and watching the changes in interest and buying behaviours you may be able to really improve the NYE experience.

3. Create an army of ticket sellers for your event!

Using Street Teams or Uni Reps to sell tickets has always been a popular way of boosting sales. People love to invite their friends to events – and make great sales people, so by incentivising them with commissions for each sale can rapidly grow your sales.

2. Keep the queues down on the night

RapidScan is probably the most advanced barcoded entry system available in the UK, whether it be for a small NYE event or a multi-entrance extravaganza, using Skiddle’s RapidScan entry management system will help you protect your revenues, increase security and get those entrance queues moving when you need them to!

1. Start promoting NYE 2014!

So we’re still over a month away from New Year’s Eve 2013, but what better time to start listing your 2014 New Year’s Eve event? Just put on a showstopper and you’ll probably get tickets sales for NYE 2014 in January!


List your 2013 New Year’s Eve event with Skiddle and Sell NYE tickets online now!

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