Analyse: Advanced Event Analytics from Skiddle

Skiddle have pioneered the way by bringing you advanced statistics about your event promotion. Since 2001, our award winning Promotion Centre has offered event promoters full visibility of their events and in 2009 we added a full suite of analytics, available 24/7.

The data available to yourself within our Analyse suite is very powerful, so here’s a quick recap of what’s on offer to you:

The Original PinPoint Map

Skiddle were one of the first ticket outlets in the world to offer Google Maps integration back in 2006, showing your customers location plotted on a real-time Google map. Check where your recent buyers have come from, areas which are trending for sales, or areas you may have missed on your marketing coverage.

UK PinPoint Map


High level map showing location of buyers

PinPoint Map Leeds


Local level map showing location of buyers

Full Customer Data

When you sell tickets with Skiddle, we help you build your marketing database. Not only do we provide data such as contact details, but also their Facebook profile links and reach, helping you profile your visitors with ease.

Skiddle Data

Full customer data

Compare Sales Easily

How are your sales this year vs last year? How is your most recent event selling compared to the last? Our charts tell the story and are updated every 5 minutes.


Sales comparison

Demographic Breakdowns

Analyse the age groups and gender of your customers using our real-time charts.


Age and Gender breakdown

Reduce Bottlenecks

Running a large-scale event using our RapidScan barcode entry technology? Find out when customers enter your event to help reduce bottlenecks.


Entry Times Breakdown

Get started now

If you’re already selling tickets with Skiddle, the above stats plus many more are already available for you to view. These can be accessed 24/7 and most data is updated in real-time. We also send you a monthly ‘Promoter Love’ email with a snapshot of your stats for the previous month.

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If you have any questions about your event analytics, please contact an account manager for full details on 0843 289 3333 or emailĀ actmanagers@skiddle.com

All this from the UK’s top rated ticket outlet

Remember, all of this is bought to you by the UK’sĀ highest rated Ticket Outlet*, so you don’t have to sacrifice excellent customer service for cutting edge technology. Skiddle operate local-rate phone support, 6 days a week for your customers and all our transactions are backed by the highest level of fraud prevention and detection.

If you need any further help, please call our fantastic team of Account Managers on 0843 289 3333