Are you allowing akrasia to affect your decision making process?

Akrasia is one of those ancient Greek words that as a word doesn’t really have a direct translation, however it’s something we see in business and definitely in the event promotion industry all around us, all the time.

Basically, the concept is one of acting against your better judgments especially in those that have achieved success and in the risks taken associated with achieving that success. Modern science has applied a level of further understanding to the concept the Greek’s wrangled with, with the introduction of our understanding of how the brain works and how the outcomes of decisions we make affect the future decisions we make.

If we’re going to succeed we need to take risks, the more risks we take the more serotonin our brains release and the more likely we are to take risks, or make decisions we wouldn’t have made if our brains weren’t swimming in serotonin.

Think of the politician or business person that goes off and has an affair (when they seem to have it all), the entrepreneur that brings down the business by taking a wild and unnecessary gamble, risk taking becomes an addiction.

How does akrasia apply to event planning and event promotion?

When you are thinking about future events, in the planning stages and the promotional stages, it’s worth being conscious of the concept of akrasia. If your serotonin levels are up the way you perceive the world has changed but you won’t have perceived the change, it’s easy in this environment to over-extend yourself.

When thinking about decisions it’s always important to look back at the what you’ve done before. Think about how successful your events have been, how much of a crowd you’ve attracted and how much effort that took, would a bigger venue work – could you fill it? Could you get the artists for it?

When reviewing the future outcome of the projects I’m working on, I always think about the Old Testament story of God building the world in 7 days and apply it to what’s gone before. Each day is a progression and we’re trying to get to that 7th day – the thing is you need to put the groundwork in before you can get to the 7th day – don’t let your serotonin addicted brain let you fall for the trap of akrasia and over-extend your event if you’re not ready for achieving the 7th day, don’t go for it!

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