Brand partnership – Clash Music

Brand partnerships are a very important part of Skiddle’s marketing mix, helping to strengthen our industry position and provide access to new audiences. We’ve recently signed a partnership deal with Clash Music and Clash Magazine and a primary part of the deal is to provide ticket links back to Skiddle that Clash will use in their editorial articles with Clash receiving a percentage of the booking fee from all of these ticket sales. There is also a dedicated ticket page on Clash Music powered by Skiddle – which currently pulls all listing information form the Skiddle website.

Clash promote Skiddle as an official ticketing partner and use Skiddle to ticket their magazine and partner events which amounts to over 10,000 per year. In return Skiddle have agreed to provide an advertorial for each issue of the magazine, promote Clash as an official partner, provide a ‘gigs of the month’ feature and become their streaming partner for a number of events such as Metropolis Live and the Clash Magazine launch parties – check out To Kill a King performing for Clash as part of the former, above. In the latest issue, which focuses on festivals, Skiddle have provided festival content for a double page of the magazine.

Partnerships such as this – and our other alliances with DJMag, Mixmag and more – provide an opportunity to grow both brand’s audiences and revenue streams, as well as more exposure for the thousands of promoters who work with Skiddle. If you’re interested in working with Skiddle in a similar capacity with contact Jamie Scahill at jamie@skiddle.com and/or Jimmy Coultas at jimmy@skiddle.com