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Post-Event Survey Questions

Hosting an event, whether it’s a live gig, a comedy show, a film screening or an occasion consisting of all three of the aforementioned components, can be tricky. Understanding your guests’ experience of said events when the curtain falls and all is said and done, can be even trickier. But it doesn’t have to be……

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What is the Skiddle Queue?

When a popular event is placed on sale, Skiddle can receive up to 20,000% more traffic than usual, due to the high demand. This extra traffic can also be quite unpredictable – with many customers hitting ‘refresh/f5’ to get access to tickets the minute they go on sale. As such, the demand on our servers…

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Top Tips for NYE

Just because the party has started, doesn’t mean the sales have to stop! Thanks to the Rapidscan app updating live, you can keep your tickets open into the night, selling even after the party has started! Amending ticket close times in the original Promotion Centre Locate your tickets in the sell tickets tab and click…

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