Collect event reviews

Had a great event? Did it go well or could there be some improvements?

Skiddle have been collecting reviews from event-goers for a while now, helping you to collect feedback from the most important people – your ticket buyers! These reviews ask for a quick opinion, then ask the customer to score important factors, such as the music, prices, atmosphere and venue.

You can now easily see your event reviews within the Promotion Centre – once an event has passed you’ll see a quick summary of the reviews left so far, which give a breakdown of the scores and a link to read them. We’ll also mark reviews left by those who have purchased tickets with a ‘Verified review’ status.

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As well as providing you with valuable feedback, we also use event reviews to formulate our Best Clubs chart every quarter, check out Manchester’s Best Clubs here.

Event reviews are provided free of charge as part of the Skiddle ticket sales service.