Day 10: What are the benefits of using Skiddle’s Free Guestlist functionality for your New Year’s Eve event?

Today is Day 10 of our series in the lead up to New Years Eve 2013 – looking at Skiddle’s traffic volumes this year it’s clear the people of the UK are excited about NYE and planning what they’re going to be up to on the last night of the year.

Over the years, Skiddle has sold tickets for every kind of event imaginable, covering everything from major festivals, clubs and exhibitions through to parish fetes! But you don’t just have to sell tickets, you can also have tickets available on Skiddle for your event that aren’t for sale!

Event promoters are able to use the Promotion Centre to add free tickets to their events either on a first-come-first-served basis, open to all service or through a logged in facility allowing the event promoter to control those who are able to register for the event.

This password protected ticket solution also enables promoters to add special offer tickets, and restricted tickets which can be used to register tickets for specific groups such as children, disabled tickets or press. This can be either be one-off (once used, they are invalid) or re-usable which so can be used in promotional material such as display advertising.

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is really competitive so you’re going to need all the tricks you’ve got, and getting the right people to your event is going to help you get even more people through the doors on the night. Giving away tickets is a kind of below the line sales promotional aid when you target certain cultural ‘leaders’ that will evangelize about your night and get more like minded people there, where you want them to be (in the venue and buying at the bar!).

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Add your event (click here for info on how to add an event)
  2. Add a new ticket by clicking “Sell Tickets” then “Add new Ticket”
  3. Enter your ticket allocation (how many you’d like to make available)
  4. Under the pricing, please change the option to “Free Ticket”
  5. Fill in the rest of the details on the add ticket form, then save your ticket

Get using Skiddle’s free ticket functionality now!

Head over to the Promotion Centre to get started – if you’ve not already added your New Year’s Eve event there’s still time – so get on with it, adding your guestlist tickets should be straight forward but if you do have any further questions get in touch with one of Skiddle’s account managers by emailing actmanager@skiddle.com