Day 11: Second round of offline advertising hits the streets

This is day 11 in our series of blogs in the lead up to New Years Eve 2013 and today rather than some hints and tips we thought we’d do some shouting about what we’re doing to help increase the number of people that use Skiddle, therefore increasing the number of people that will potentially see your event, and hopefully buy tickets!

At the end of last week, the second round of our offline ads, promoting New Year’s Eve started going live. The ads include everything from posters to magazine inserts, flyers and billboards all of which are hitting the streets in  a number of the UK’s major cities.

By reissuing ads that originally went live at the start of December we’re ensuring the posters remain in place and haven’t been posted over whilst giving us additional coverage – this is especially important as the busiest time of year for New Year’s Eve ticket sales will be from Boxing Day (so we want to make sure we’ve got things in situ for then).

Below are a few examples of the New Year’s Eve artwork in place.


New Years Eve 2013 Billboard


A3 Posters:

New Years Eve 2013 A3 Poster

Large Format Posters:

New Years Eve 2013 BO Posters

New Years Posters from Skiddle

Benefit from Skiddle’s Marketing

So that’s a taste of what’s going on with our national New Year’s Eve offline marketing campaign. Online that’s backed up by marketing on social media, our national and local New Years Eve Guides (the largest and busiest New Years Eve guides in the UK) as well as our pay per click marketing and our retargetting campaign which shows the visitors to Skiddle ads of events they’ve previously viewed.

To benefit from Skiddle’s New Years Eve marketing you just need to have your event listed on Skiddle – if you’ve not already got your event listed or you’ve not got tickets added for your event head over to http://www.skiddle.com/promotion – there’s still time – but get it on sooner rather than later whilst people are looking for deals!