Day 12: Taking advantage of the Christmas Holidays when promoting your New Year’s Eve events online

This is day 12 in our series of blogs in the lead up to New Year’s Eve, today we’re going to look at how you can take advantage of the Christmas Holidays when promoting your New Year’s Eve events.

Before we get to New Year’s Eve we’ve got to get through a number of public holidays and days that many people have off, many of whom won’t be thinking about New Year’s Eve (or at least not until it’s almost upon them).

Everyone’s thinking about Christmas right?

Lots of people around the UK are busy concentrating on Christmas, however this poses an opportunity for the canny promoter, as it’s not just the general public who are concentrating on Christmas but many of the promoters you’re competing with will also be busy thinking about presents and turkey.

This means that stepping up your promotion over the festive period could give you greater return on investment than it would normally – especially if we’re talking about things like social media where your followers and fans will already be that bit more warm to your brand.

On the different days of the festivities there are some interesting, and differing trends that might affect the way you want to promote your NYE event. As the largest and busiest NYE guide in the UK we have a fairly unique position and hopefully have some pretty interesting and helpful insights. Take a look:

Christmas Eve

Everyone’s out buying presents in the day on Christmas Eve, however there may be a couple of good times to target people – think early morning as people are getting up earlier than normal to beat the queues in the supermarkets or to hit the shops as soon as they open. Also bear in mind that people finish work earlier on Christmas Eve – so there might be a chance to target them early to mid afternoon when they’re all thinking about what they should be doing. Finally, there are relatively fewer people searching for events on the evening of Christmas Eve itself than would normally, likewise it’s likely event promoters will be less likely to be promoting their events online – but you can still tap into those who’ve decided to stay in for this night.

Christmas Day

Most of us want to be opening presents first thing on Christmas Day, but there’s still a significant chunk of people out there that want to open Facebook first – or who want to share Christmas Day photos. Don’t miss a trick in not targeting them. Generally there’s little interest in NYE events before 4pm on Chrsitmas Day and it doesn’t really get going until after 6pm  – but after that Skiddle always sees a steady stream of visitors searching for New Year’s Eve (as well as Boxing Day) events. It’s always a quiet day for event promotion online though, so there may be a good opportunity here.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a bit of a funny one. It’s only in the last few years that Boxing Day has become more of a night in its own rights. Boxing Day is also a day that tends to start off slowly, with people searching for NYE events towards midday but in the evening it builds up and remains fairly constant with high numbers of people searching for NYE events. Boxing Day is also the day that every event promoter and their dog start the last push for New Year’s Eve. It may be better to promote your event earlier when there are fewer people about rather than trying to get your message heard above the throng of promotional attacked consumers are getting

After Boxing Day

After Boxing Day and before New Year’s Eve we see people searching for New Year’s Eve events with increasing numbers, however it followers a similar trend of each day with searches really kicking in around midday and then increasing from about 6pm and remaining constant until 11pm. The majority of the ticket sales for New Year’s Eve events are made on the 29th, 30th and 31st.

The trends on the 31st December are significantly different though with the traffic ramping right up at around 10am and continuing strongly until 6pm.

Promoting your New Year’s Eve events

The key take home point from the above trends and stats is that there are large periods during the days in the lead up (and on) New Year’s Eve when you can focus your online promoting. During these times you’ll potentially have more impact than you would if you solely concentrated on the busy/noisy times of the festive period. Get in touch with your account manager to find out how we can help you maximise these opportunities by emailing actmanagers@skiddle.com or by calling 0843 2899489.

If you’ve not already got your New Year’s Eve listed or you’ve got your event listed but don’t have any tickets onsale with Skiddle, why not? As the UK’s largest and busiest NYE guide we’ve got the traffic to help make your event the massive success it deserves to be. Head over to the Promtion Centre and get on it!