Day 13: Don’t Discount Christmas Day

Today’s day 13 in our series of blogs leading up to New Years Eve. Today’s post is a reminder not to discount Christmas Day when promoting your event.

There a a good many event goers out there that won’t event start thinking about until Christmas is out of the way, for all the tens of thousands of members of the public who have already sorted their New Year’s Eve night out there are still countless tens of thousands more who have yet to decide on what they’re doing.

Christmas Day represents a real opportunity. Many members of the public will be, by the end of Christmas Day, looking for the next big opportunity to party. As discussed in yesterday’s post there is a surge in event browsing activity after tea time on Chrsitmas Day – so you should get on with promoting your event then.

We’ll also be sending out a Christmas Day message which will help to reinforce Skiddle’s position that day and should generate more interest.

It’s also worth thinking that some of those people will be looking for things to do on other nights in the lead up to NYE such as Boxing Day, so there may be a chance to convert traffic where users don’t have the intent to purchase NYE tickets then punters at your doors.

You should have already got your NYE event on sale, if you’ve not head over to our Promotion Centre (please remember traffic builds up again from Boxing Day and increases every day until NYE – make sure you’re involved from Boxing Day to have the best chance).