Day 17: Final Push – Using The Rep System

So there’s only a few more days before we hit New Year’s Eve and events on Skiddle are selling out left right and centre! Today’s Day 17 in our blog series in the lead up to New Year’s Eve and today we thought we’d look at the Rep System, using ticket reps in the last few days could make all the difference when you’re trying to promote your message through what seems like a wall of NYE noise!

Using Street Teams or Uni Reps to sell tickets has always been a popular way of boosting sales. People love to invite their friends to events – and make great sales people, so by incentivising them with commissions for each sale can rapidly grow your sales. The Rep System gives you this functionality and by bringing more reps onboard when demand is high they’re likely to work harder for you on your next events.

How Does the Rep System Work?

  1. Reps sign in to Skiddle (or are invited by you if not already members) and are given their own ‘rep centre’ where they can view your events, get their unique tracking links, download promotional artwork for your events and monitor their sales stats.
  2. Each rep gets a custom trackable link for each event. This points to the event page on Skiddle.
  3. The rep can distribute this link to anyone who wishes to purchase tickets, whether it be their friends, family or people on their mailing list, facebook, etc.
  4. When a visitor clicks the link a tracking cookie is set – this means any purchase for the event will be tracked for up to 14 days after the initial click. If a customer isn’t ready to purchase straight away, the rep is still credited for the sale, even if they return directly to Skiddle.
  5. When an order is placed, it is dealt with in the same way as any other Skiddle order – with full order tracking and customer service.
  6. Sales are recorded in real-time in both your stats area, as well as the rep’s area.
  7. Once the event has passed, you will be paid as usual, but we will deduct the commissions you have agreed and place these in a holding account – a full breakdown of any deductions will be shown on your remittance statement.
  8. Reps then provide us with their bank details and we transfer their earnings into their account, along with a full statement of earnings.

At this late stage in the game, using the rep system could really benefit as the reps will market your events for you, giving you a greater reach than you could hope for through social media channels. It might just be the push your event needs.

To get started head over to the Promotion Centre, click Manage Events then view events, select your NYE event and then on the left hand side view the Manage Reps link. Make sure you’ve got Reps On and probably best to use the auto approval option now, then use the invite reps option and send the invites out to everyone you want to help out.

If you’ve got any questions email actmanagers@skiddle.com but don’t wait on a reply – if you need a push get using the Rep System now and remember your event goers could be the be most valuable advocates your event has!