Day 18: Final Push – Social Media

This is Day 18 of our series of blogs in the lead up to New Year’s Eve and hopefully by now you’ve had some good hints and tips about how you can use Skiddle to sell more tickets for your New Year’s Eve event. Today we’re going to have a brief look at using social media in the last few days to really give you a push.


Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform – hopefully you’ve got an events page setup on Facebook, if you’ve not then you can do this through the Promotion Centre – the benefit of this is the number of RSVPs will display on the event listing on Skiddle, the more you’ve got going already the more likely people are to commit to buying a ticket.

Boost a few posts, targeting your key target audience, use advanced segmenting to really target the right people. We’ve had some great successes on Skiddle by using the Boost Post function. And finally schedule them in so they go out when your audience are going to be looking for things (there will be a lot of activity tonight, tomorrow night and on New Year’s Day up until mid afternoon).

Choose the right posts as well, at this late stage it’s best to play to your strengths. Facebook uses it’s Edge Rank algorithm to determine which types of posts work best for you (ie posts with links, video posts, picture posts etc). Your Edge Rank is based on past interactions so there’s not a lot you can do to affect it now, the key if to continue to use a mix of post types whilst focusing on the posts that have the highest reach.


You might not already be using Twitter Ads but if you’re not – get signed up now. Visit Ads.Twitter.com to and you should be up and running within minutes. As we’re so close to the event you want to focus on Promoted Posts – stick a generic one in there in the manual selection and have a second promoted post campaign that automatically selected the posts to promote.

Plus if you tweet a link to your ticketed event on Skiddle including @Skiddle we’ll do our best to retweet it!

Google Plus

Hopefully you’ve got a Google Plus account , although it’s likely a lot of event promoters out there won’t be using this social media channel to get their message out there, in the last couple of days before New Year’s Eve there could be a potential for a decent reach from Google Plus.

Selecting the right Hashtag

It’s generally accepted that developing your own unique hashtag that people will start to pick up and use is a good way to developing a brand following on social media (and especially twitter) however unless you’ve got a strong brand it’s probably best to focus on generic NYE type hashtags as well as hashtags based on your location.

Using Features, Benefits and Call to Actions

Bear in mind you’re writing adcopy here and you’ve got a limited space to grab someones attention – and remember the average punter is going to be seeing a lot of event related posts on social media over the next day or two – so you need to make it snappy. Use features and benefits in describing – that is what’s happening at the event, why they’ll enjoy and then let them know what you want them to do in a call to action (ie buy tickets!). It’s hard though – you’ve probably been saying the same thing over and over again for months now!

Promoting your New Year’s Eve event with Skidde

Believe it or not we make the majority of our NYE ticket sales in the last couple of days, and we’re just entering that period. Now is the time to really push your event wherever you can, although you might think that you’ve done as much as you can, now is the time to do that bit more – for most event promoters it’s likely the last thing you can do online is use social but there is still some great opportunities for you to take advantage of and make the most of it!

If you’re still not using Skiddle there is time, head over to http://www.skiddle.com/promotion get your event listed and make sure you’ve got tickets added! If you need any help we’re back in the office tomorrow so give the account management team a call or email actmanagers@skiddle.com