Day 3: Already added your listing? What other ways can you promote your event with Skiddle?

This is the 3rd in our series of blogs containing hints and tips in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. ┬áToday we thought we’d have a look at what other ways you could promote your events with Skiddle – here’s a brief overview of some of the options available to you.


We send out a newsletter each week which contains some personalised content (with events selected based on location, popularity, featured events as well as the things recipients like etc), then a message from our editor, often we include in there the events that we’re concentrating on that week. So speak to your account manager about getting your event featured in there.

At the moment we’re also running regular New Year’s Eve newsletters that feature NYE events – there’s about 6 advertising slots in each of these and they are in high demand so if you want to be featured in one of these newsletters you need to get in touch asap.


E-flyers are simple emails sent out to your target audience, based on their location and the things they’re into – these tend to be really effective, the key is making sure you choose the target audience. The more targeted you make them the better they perform. you can book these through the Promotion Centre or through your account manager.

Featured Events

Yesterday we looked the benefits of featuring your event, if you’ve not already read that check it out now.

Social Media

We pay to promote a select number of events on social media (mainly Facebook but soon to be Twitter as well), the benefit of promoting through Facebook is for a small investment we’re able to massively increase the number of your target audience that will see the post. Promoted posts can be targeted by age, location, gender and things that users like. For example you might want to target men and women in London, who are aged between 21 and 30, who like electronic dance music and going out. We’ve had some great results using this method for promoters and with over 40,000 fans on Facebook we’ve got some great reach – on the other hand we need to be protective and be sure we’re putting posts on there that are relevant and useful. Give us a shout to discuss it.

Using Online Banners

Display advertising is one of the most handy ways to advertise visually online, we’ll be looking at it in more detail tomorrow – however for now be aware there are a couple of main places on Skiddle where you can use banners and if you want to speak to someone about it the best place to start is by emailing your account manager (if you’ve not got one email actmanagers@skiddle.com)


Over the years Skiddle has become an authority in the UK’s event scene, but we rely on our promoters to send over the kind of information that our editorial team is able to use to produce informative, relevant news that will ultimately convert greater numbers of users into buying tickets. From this Monday pretty much everything we do in the News section is going to be about New Year Eve – so it’s a perfect opportunity to get us to shout about your NYE event.

Start Promoting Your Events Further

If you’ve got your listings sorted and you’re happy your ticket options are right, but you still want to give your event that further push, it’s time you head over to our Promotion Centre – we’ve got a range of promotion options catering for every budget. But bear in mind there’s a limited number of many of these options and we’re getting booked up in the lead up to NYE so get in touch quickly if you want to. To get in touch, simply give us a call or send an email through to actmanagers@skiddle.com.