Day 4: How to use Banner Advertising to Promote Your Event On Skiddle

This is the 4th in our series of blogs with hints and tips in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. There’s so many events out there, all competing for punters on New Year’s Eve, often advertising is an option to make your event stand out. Display advertising is one of the most visible forms of online advertising and Skiddle has a number of advertising opportunities available for event promoters.

What banner advertising options are available on Skiddle?

There are two main areas you can advertise on Skiddle.

Leaderboard: This is the long thin ad at the top of the page. Appearing at the top of the page everytime someone visits a pages gives you great visibility and as someone browses around the site your message is regularly reinforced.

MPUs: The MPUs are the advertising options in the right hand side bar – due to the shape and size of these you can often do that bit more visually than you can with a leaderboard but it’s worth noting they’re not as prominent.

Other options – (speak to your account manager about these):

Double MPUs: With a double MPU you get to take over both MPUs in the right hand side bar – which gives you a lot of space to play with and are especially effective at delivering an animated message.

Billboard:  These ads replace the leaderboard in some circumstances, taking up almost the full width of the website above the logo – these are pretty special and we reserve them for extra special ads.

Site Takeover: With this option you get the background of Skiddle, and the leaderboard and MPUs to carry your message. This is done rarely to deliver sitewide coverage for a big event. These also only run for a short period of time as they can become a bit overpowering to the normal users after a while.

What should I include in our ad?

You know your own event brand, so stick with those core values, being as clear as possible – don’t try to cram too much into your banner ads, include the date (especially if you’re events taking place on a night like New Year’s Eve), use bright colours. Ultimately you need the message to be clear and concise, speaking directly to the audience to engage them and containing a call to action (something tells the audience what you want them to do – ie Buy your NYE tickets now).

How many times will my ad be seen on Skiddle?

We get well over a million visitors a month, however in the lead up to New Year’s Eve we’re expecting something like 2.5 million visitors looking for NYE events, that’s a lot of visitors to advertise to – but we’ve got to share that traffic out a bit! Roughly, advertisers on Skiddle can expect to receive something like 5,000 impressions a day (that means the ad will be seen around 5,000 times a day).

Where can I link my ads to?

We encourage you to link back to your listing on Skiddle because the users are already on the website in a transactional mode – so it’s best to keep them in the same environment plus we’ve spent so much time developing the events pages to be super-efficient at converting Skiddle customers that sending them elsewhere might not be as effective at selling tickets. Saying that, if you want to send them to your own website or Facebook page we’ve nothing against it!

Getting your ads up and running on Skiddle

You can head over to the Promotion Centre to start advertising, or you can get in touch with an account manager to discuss advertising on Skiddle in more detail, if you don’t have an account manager already give us a call or email actmanagers@skiddle.com