Day 6: How to get your event on Skiddle’s Homepage

Skiddle’s homepage is viewed millions of times a month, and is the hottest real estate on the whole of Skiddle.com. Events that manage to get included on the homepage are more likely to sell more tickets than those that aren’t. In the run up to New Year’s Eve, giving your NYE event the competitive advantage is massively important.  In this blog we’ll have a look at some of the ways you can get your event on our homepage.

Before we start it’s important to say this isn’t an exact science and how successful the events you’re competing with will effect how easy it is to get your event included on the homepage (with a few exceptions).

Having tickets onsale

Yesterday we discussed the benefits of having tickets onsale for your events, one of the key benefits is that only events that have tickets onsale will be selected by the system to appear on the homepage. So make sure your event has a ticket allocation for Skiddle!

Include a Picture

If you want to have your event on the homepage you’ve also got to have uploaded an image – and make sure it’s a good one as it’s really competitive spacing – poor images don’t get a lot of traction for the event when they do get on the homepage.

Make Skiddle your main outlet

Many event promoters try to spread their allocation between a number of outlets. We know this because we often get feedback about how we’re selling compared to other outlets. The thing is, one of the key factors influencing whether your event will be included on the homepage is how many tickets your events have sold – the events with the highest allocations have the best chance to sell more tickets on Skiddle and therefore have the best chance to be included on the homepage thus dramatically increasing their visibility on the website.

Link your Facebook events page

In the promotion centre you’re able to link your Facebook events page to your event on Skiddle. We use Facebook’s RSVPs as part of our measurement about how popular your event is – again a key factor in working out if your event should go on sale. So make sure you do link it up (if you don’t have one we’ve even included the facility in the Promotion Centre to create an event page).

Personalised / Localised Homepage

Remember that many people that look at Skiddle have already visited us before, and a good number of them also have an account, the benefit of having an account with Skiddle is that the content is often personalised to your own likes and location. That means when many people type in Skiddle.com they’ll see a version of the website that’s more unique to them. The great thing about this for the promoter is that many of our users will get to see the events that are most relevant to themselves – thereby increasing ticket sales. This is going to be especially important this New Year’s Eve when everyone is searching for things happening near them on the same night.

Editorial, Banner Ads & Featured Events

We’ve already touched on this in this series, however when you buy ads through the Promotio Centre your very likely have your banner on the homepage (linking back to the event is the best option). Also by featuring your event there is more chance your event will appear on the homepage (although other factors will take priority at New Year’s Eve). Finally, if you speak to your account manager there is a chance you’ll be able to get some editorial coverage for your event in the lead up to NYE. There’s a lot of editorial for NYE in the next few weeks however if you’ve got something pretty special to say our Editor is likely to include a banner on the homepage linking back to the news article about your event.

Get working on it!

There’s a lot you can do there yourself to give your event a better chance of being included on Skiddle’s homepage. Getting your event on there would be a great coup so if you’re passionate about your event do everything you can, ultimately the more popular your event is and the more tickets you sell, the more exposure your event will get and hopefully you’ll sell even more tickets!

If you need any help or have any questions don’t hesitate to speak to an account manager by email actmanagers@skiddle.com or by calling 0843 289 9489.