Day 9: How to use online data to inform further event promotion

This is day 9 in our hints and tips series in the 20 days leading up to New Years Eve 2013! Today we’ll be looking at how to use Skiddle data to inform the targeting of your offline or social media event promotion.

Understanding which tickets are selling

It’s always good practice to have a few different ticket options for your event. By monitoring the way different price points sell over the course of your promotion you should be able to work out that you’re on the right mark with the amount you’re charging and by creating value added ticket packages or concessions (such as VIP and student) and be creative about it!

Although we’re not much more than a week away from NYE you can still use this to make a real impact on your events marketing as well as the event on the night. For example if people are buying more student tickets you know where to put your posters, likewise if you’ve got a strong take-up for VIP tickets you might want to concentrate your marketing on the more affluent areas.

Using the data about your event in the Promotion Centre

You might be able to get a bit of a steer from the types of tickets that are selling for your event but your can’t beat the data that comes off the back of your actual ticket sales.

Possibly one of the most useful tools for working out what more you can do offline is the pin point map in the Promotion Centre. This shows you the hot spots where your tickets are selling, this means you can really drill down and get marketing in the areas that really matter for your event, as well as hit hard those areas that you know should matter but have had limited or no takeup.

On top of this you can check out all the demographic details about your customers.

Admittedly you do have to have sold some tickets to have go the steer – and generally that’s a good reason to have fewer ticket outlets working on selling the tickets for you – so you know what’s going on!

Start using your data to the promote your event further

If you’ve already got your NYE event listed and selling tickets on Skiddle then head over to the Promotion Centre to see how you can improve your campaign’s performance. If you’ve not you NYE event there’s still time – believe it or not the busiest day of the year for New Year’s Eve ticket sales is the 30th December – however those that get listing with tickets earliest will benefit from our popularity algorythms that weight events based on various factors including their popularity on Facebook and tickets sold on Skiddle. Head over to http://www.skiddle.com/promotion to get your event listed, if you’ve got any questions please email actmanagers@skiddle.com.