Find events near 50,000 points of interest

As part of our continual enhancements to our what’s on guide, we’ve just added over 50,000 local points of interest to our events search.

Visitors can now find events near to a specific point of interest, including 1,000s of smaller towns and districts, as well as tube stations, railway stations and football grounds.

Events near Old Trafford Football Club - Manchester - What's On near Old Trafford Football Club Events Guide

This enhancement helps to improve the accuracy of returned results when visitors are looking for events in a specific area. Combined with the ‘distance’ filter, visitors have full control over exactly which events are returned.

As an event promoter, you will benefit from this automatically without any changes required.

Take a look at some examples below:

Events near Brixton, London

Events near Old Street tube station

Events near Old Trafford, Manchester