Five Free Promotional Assets

We all know the costs that come along with even the most low key of events can be substantial. With the lion’s share of your budget going on bookings, sound systems or lighting rigs for example, any free promotion really is a winner.

Rather than just being a listings and ticket selling site, we’ve also got a tonne of free features that are geared towards getting your event the exposure it deserves. We’ve zeroed in on five of the best promotional tools and tips that won’t cost you a dime.

Social Networks

Our Facebook integrated listings work hand in hand with online promotion. If linked up to the Facebook event, the more people click attending, the better visibility you get on Skiddle. The integrated ticket shop helps people get their tickets without leaving Facebook too. Imaginative ways to share your event are great, with eye-catching videos, and shares from friends and attendees helping spread the word.

Don’t post too much on Facebook though, as it can be easily offputting, whereas you can be as active as you like on Twitter, where it is arguably easier¬†to engage with potential customers. It’s well worth setting up accounts with Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud too,¬†boosting the chances of connecting with your target audience.

Promotion Centre

Our easy to use Promotion Centre is one of the most essential tools in the box, with our listings appearing on a number of huge websites where the tickets will also be on sale.

These include DJ Mag, Data Transmission, and Mixmag, with your party appearing on there for no cost at all – with the latter it’s the only way to get listed in the magazine. If you’ve not yet signed up, head here to sell tickets. Selling tickets with us is free too, with all charges paid for by the customer.

Booking fee free tickets on the Weekends Matter App


Our new app has received an enormous response already, with a large proportion of our audience browsing and buying tickets through it – close to 25000 subscribers despite being active less than three months.

By listing your event as fee free you get pride of place on the app, with your event appearing above others that aren’t fee free in a dedicated section customers constantly scour for the best deals. We recently wrote another post on this, read more on the Skiddle App and how it benefits your events here.

Watch the Competition

Find out what works and what doesn’t by keeping a close eye on your competitors, their presence on social media and promotional techniques. Learning how they reach their audience will be invaluable in helping you avoid wasting your time and gaining maximum exposure.

Facebook now allows you to watch other pages via your admin statistics on a page, and you can also set up Google Alerts to get daily results on the web activity (set these up for your own promotion as well) on any given search. Don’t limit this just to the competition, you can do so to monitor activity of artists you’re thinking about booking and people and events that you look up to as well.

One key thing here though – use this for inspiration, not imitation. Don’t rip off their efforts, which will only cause problems, instead use what they’ve done to inspire new and exciting ways of engaging with your customers, from personal messages to amusing social media images or videos.

Media and Public Relations

interview picture

Instead of paying over the odds for a PR company to handle this side of things, it’s entirely possible to handle it yourself. For example, if it’s extra news coverage you’re after, generate your own by organising interviews with your main act – our editorial for example, as seen above, is entirely free and you can find out how to get involved here.

Many artists are willing to do interviews, so you can directly contact them or through management to add some unique content to share with various sites running the news. Also getting in touch with local news about your event will often yield a place in the local newspapers at no cost, and the aforementioned research will point you in the right direction of plenty of potential sources of media promotion for your event.