Gatecrasher Site Takeover and Advertising Opportunities

You might have noticed that Skiddle is once again looking extra-specially colourful with a bright purple background and some skyscraper banner advertising sitting neatly at either side of the site. 

Gatecrasher Site Takeover:

Gatecrasher Takeover

There’s are a wide range of advertising opportunities on Skiddle.com. The site takeover is perhaps one of the more in your face options, and is far more exclusive than the standard MPUs and leaderboard or featured listings that are available through the promotion centre. As you expect we’re precious about the brands that get them.

2013 marks a momentous year for Gatecrasher and as such they’ve further partnered up with Skiddle, aligning the brands in taking over the site through strategic advertising backed by an exclusive special ticket offer which Skiddle’s loyal customers are taking up in their droves!

Visit the Promotion Centre to find out how your business can benefit from advertising opportunities on Skiddle and if you’d like to discuss something a little more bespoke, such as a site takeover, get in touch and one of our account managers will be happy to go through the options to come up with a solution that’s unique to your business’ requirements.