Give it Some Welly


We’ve got a brilliant new scheme lined up for festival season utilising 3D technology to help festival goers stay dry this summer. We’ll be printing up 10000 wellies for mud soaked music enthusiasts this summer and dishing them out for free – full details here.

What’s extremely impressive about it is the fantastic blend of materials we are planning oin using – some recent changes in the dynamics of 3D printing mean we can utilise a mix of Poly-Vinyl-Cassette (PVC) and Amplified-Belt-Driven-Slipmat (ABS). Our director Ben Sebborn enthused the following about the project:

“There’s nothing like torrential rain to damper a festival goer’s spirits. I’ve been to hundreds of festivals in my time and it’s unbelievable how many people you see tramping through the mud in converse or sandals.

“We’re hoping our creation will bring a bit of a laugh to the UK’s festivals and save thousands of people from an uncomfortable experience. We’ll be carting our party bus across the country to roll out the ‘give it some welly’ service across some of the country’s biggest festivals.”