Growing Importance of Valentine’s Day Globally and Implications for the UK’s Live Events Sector

Valentine’s Day is growing in importance as a cultural event throughout the world, including in cultures where Valentine’s Day hasn’t previously been celebrated. This is a quick review of thoughts on what’s happening around the world and how this could impact the UK’s live events sector in this year and in the future.

Event promoters throughout the UK should be gearing up for Valentine’s Day. It’s the next big cultural event that’s set to hit the streets. People across the UK are accessing Skiddle’s content in droves to try and get a feel for the types of things they could get up to on Valentine’s Day itself (14th February) or the surrounding days.

This year Valentine’s Day is taking place on Thursday, so you can pretty much expect although there will be events taking place on that evening, the bigger events are going to take place on the following Saturday night (16th February). I guess it’s easier to think of this period as Valentines rather than Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is Historically a Western Tradition

Historically, in the UK, Valentine’s Day was always a bit of a low key day in the calendar. However in the US there has for decades been a heavy commercialisation of the day and this has migrated over to the UK, meaning there is now plenty of buzz and noise about the day itself. It’s not as saturated as perhaps one day it will be – but the interesting thing is there is such a buzz about it in the West it’s started to be taken up in other countries and cultures where it hasn’t previously featured.

Indian spiritual leader, Asaram Bapu has recently opened the debate in India proving the force of the cultural phenomenon that is Valentine’s Day. Bapu suggests the youth of India should concentrate on the home grown celebration of that day (parent’s day in India). But the thing is; Valentine’s Day along with a great deal of Western culture is going global through the increasing needs of western businesses to find new markets and the increasing availability of those markets to them as well as the massive cultural impact global media and the internet is having. It creates a cultural snowball effect which means within a few years the developing nations of the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day as if they always have done.

Adoption of Valentine’s Day will Create More Demand in UK

Expect this to create ripples back to the UK’s live events scene as well. The more noise there is about Valentine’s Day, the more this will grow as a must attend event in the UK, much in the same way that NYE has grown from an event celebrated with family or at the local pub to the biggest party night of the year.

The change of the cultural demographic in the UK is also worth considering at this point as people attend events that they can relate to. No matter what the government says the UK’s population is going to ethnographically change in the coming years, economic migration isn’t going anywhere – when we are prosperous there is only one way this will go and that’s up. This will naturally change the type of events that people want to go to however the increasing reach of Valentine’s Day as a global cultural concept means the UK’s events industry is in an event better position to make this one of the biggest nights of the year!

The key is to be on the curve – it might not be about to take off and be massive this year, but what if your event was THE must attend Valentines event? What if you could build that kind of prestige before the real and inevitable take off the night is going to experience in the next year or two. There’s a lot to be gained by the event that gets it right.

Biggest Valentine’s Guide

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