Hardwell Victoria Warehouse: Skiddle in charge of entry management

This weekend there’s a pretty special event taking place on both Friday and Saturday night at one of Manchester’s premier venues: Victoria Warehouse.

This weekend sees the world’s best DJ (as voted for by DJ Mag) Hardwell taking to the decks at a sold out, two nighter and Skiddle will be there on the door making sure everything goes to plan.

As a primary ticket outlet we’re often asked to help with entry management and on this occasion we’ve been more than happy to sort out the entire entry management for the Hardwell event.

Skiddle Scan for Hardwell at Victoria Warehouse

There’ll only be one entrance, however we’ll have 6 lanes where each night the 4,750 attendees will file towards 6 members of staff each with one of Skiddle’s handheld RapidScan scanners.

We’ll also have more team members scanning booth and VIP tickets at the box office, and additional team members and scanners onsite making sure everything runs smoothly. All the scanners will be hooked up to our onsite server to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.

RapidScan For Hardwell

RapidScan Scanners being tested for Hardwell at Victoria Warehouse

We developed RapidScan a number of years ago and based the technology on the requirements of festivals in order to ensure the system is able to deal with a wide number of variables, in a number of varying situations. Our flexible system ensures rapid entry, plus validates every ticket in real-time to protect against duplication or fraud. We also have multiple backup systems in place to ensure that even in the event of complete power failure, scanning will continue uninterrupted and ensure no delays.

RapidScan scanners are available to event promoters using Skiddle, either as a single scanner or multiple scanners. If you’d like to know more about how your event could benefit from using RapidScan get in touch with your account manager or email actmanagers@skiddle.com or call 0843 289 9489.