How Green is Skiddle?

Have you ever wondered what Skiddle’s green credentials are? OK, so this isn’t going to be an in depth review of what we’ve done in the past and what we’re doing now to make sure we’re run in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible, however there are a couple of things that immediately jump out!

Did you know Skiddle was a pioneer of e-tickets? Before the early to mid-2000s, tickets were always sent out via the post, when Skiddle entered the ticket market we wanted to make sure we kept the costs down for our customers and one of the ways we do that is by recommending the event promoters using Skiddle use the e-tickets option, in fact it’s the default option. Of course we offer traditional printed tickets, which we will print and distribute (either on your stock or on our own) for those people that like the feel of printed stock, but nowadays (and especially since the development of bar code as standard technology – which Skiddle covers with RapidScan) we don’t feel printed tickets are a long term solution or are indeed necessary.

Even though we send out hundreds of thousands of printed tickets a year, we’re confident enough to say that our little campaign to minimise the use of printed tickets has been really well received and has saved quite a few trees in its time!

Skiddle's Certificate from Rackspace

Printed tickets are the obvious thing you’re going to think about when you think about a ticket agency, but have you ever wondered what goes into keeping online the UK’s biggest what’s on guide? You’d be surprised about how many servers it takes just to keep Skiddle online and they consume their fair share of carbon hungry power.

In another attempt to make Skiddle as carbon neutral as possible our hosting provider has agreed to include us in their scheme run in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation to plant trees in the UK and other parts of the world to offset Skiddle’s servers carbon footprint.

Now if anyone has got any ideas how we can carbon neurtralise a big black, diesel guzzling, double decker bus from the 1970s please write in. Answer on a postcard!

If you’d like to start listing events with Skiddle simply visit the Promotion Centre (remember to select e-tickets when selecting your ticket distribution method and do your bit!)