How important is Facebook when promoting an event?

If you’re promoting an event you are probably racking your brain to think about the ways to advertise. Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past 7 years one of the first places you should be thinking about is how to promote your event on Facebook.

The thing about Facebook is around 15% of the world’s population uses the social media website – that’s immense! What’s more, the social aspects of the networks highly correlates with the social nature of events – this plays in your favour.

How to get people to like an event’s Facebook page

So you’ve probably got to the point of setting up a Facebook page for your event and then thought – what should I do next?

It’s a bit of a simple process in many ways that people can get really wrong, you’ve first got to build up a bit of an audience and the only way you are going to do that is by being a bit interesting – don’t just promote to them (that will kill your chances), tell them about interesting things you’ve seen online, ask your audience their opinion.

Selling Tickets on Facebook with Skiddle

It’s all well and good building up a bit of an audience of people that are interested in the things you are saying but if you’re going to go to all that effort you’d better be damn sure they are going to buy off you and not someone else. The thing that Facebook doesn’t do is let you sell tickets through their pages straight off, you’ve got to know a Facebook development partner that’s going to build you the kind of system that would let you do that. Luckily enough you’re on Skiddle, and being the first developers to create a Facebook ticket shop app you can pretty much rest assured you’ve found the right partner!

Skiddle’s new ticket shop was the first ticket shop on Facebook to fully integrate with the Facebook Timeline – so as you’ve probably grasped the guys in R&D don’t rest on their laurels – they are constantly striving to improve our offering and we’re confident a Skiddle powered Facebook Ticket Shop far out performs that of any other offering by our competitors.

If you’re curious simply take a look at the Skiddle Facebook Ticket Shop Solution here.