How to boost mid-campaign ticket sales to your New Year’s events

We’re seven weeks away from New Year’s Eve. 

By now, most promoters have launched their events and begun the sales cycle. But what about the mid-campaign period?

With so much competition on NYE, don’t be surprised if you hit a lull in sales. We tend to see people flock to buy tickets at launch and again right before the event. 

So, it’s natural to see peaks and troughs in the mid-campaign period. 

What’s important is how prepared you are. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together an article that will help you generate some ideas on how to boost mid-campaign ticket sales for your New Year’s events.

Sounds interesting, right? Keep scrolling to get the lowdown.

Harness the thrill of winning with competition marketing

The thrill of winning is powerful. 

It’s why people enter gameshows and buy scratchcards. Knowing you have that one chance to get the prize can put the fire in your belly. 

You can harness some of that thrill by running competitions on your social media channels. 

We’ll use Instagram as an example. 

Create a post with the all-important details and ask people to like, tag friends, share the post to their story and follow your account to be in with a chance to win. 

Hopefully, your followers will enter the competition and interact with the post, and their networks will follow your page and do the same. By gaining those new followers, you will have successfully raised awareness of your event. 

Plus, those new people who followed your account off the back of the competition? They might end up buying tickets if they were unsuccessful. 

Make use of your mailing list

Whether you’ve been running events for one or ten years, you likely have a newsletter. It’s a way of communicating event news directly with your audience, and according to CyberCrew, Almost every email user in the UK checks their non-work emails every day.

In the pursuit of new attendees, it’s easy to forget about your newsletter subscribers, but they can really help you boost those mid-campaign sales. 

One way of appealing to these people is by using discounts. Our Discount Codes feature lets you generate single, multi and unlimited-use discount codes, which you can then send out via your newsletter. 

You might want to send a discount code specifically to long-time subscribers as a way of saying thanks for attending previous events. Or, you might want to target new subscribers with a 10% code for your next event. 

People remember things like this. It helps to build customer loyalty and in the competitive environment that is New Year’s Eve, a few discount codes could help boost mid-campaign sales and give you an edge against other event brands. 

Get creative with event promotion

After your initial launch period, you can dive deeper into creating content about your event. 

There are a few ways to do this, but we’ll talk about short-form, lo-fi content that you can post across TikTok and Instagram. 

Photo: spemone / Pexels.com

Here, the idea is to give people a feel for what your event will be like on the night. So, think crowd shots and clips of people going crazy to a specific song. If you’ve got any footage left over from last year’s event, repurpose it. 

Alongside this, get in contact with the acts playing on your lineup. You could create short pieces of content, asking them to talk about some light-hearted or funny stories. We’re thinking craziest nights, favourite records or memorable New Year’s Eve stories here, something that can show the personality of your event. 

Hold a pop-up sale with your reps

Skiddle’s Reps feature allows you to bring people onto your team to sell tickets in exchange for cash or money can’t buy rewards. 

The people who become Reps for your event can bring extended networks with them. You’ll have access to people who they know from university, work or other nightlife scenes. 

You can also enlist your reps to help you create a buzz around your event by setting up a pop-up ticket shop. 

Set up in the city centre or near a populated area and invite people to come down and buy tickets. Advertise the date and time on social media so there’s awareness beforehand. 

Here, you want to create urgency around the ticket-buying process. That’s why we recommend going out for a limited time. To add a further incentive, you could offer a small discount or throw in a merch offer with the ticket. 

Use location-specific marketing techniques

Social Media is a crucial tool for promoting events. 

However, thanks to changing and complicated algorithms, it’s becoming trickier to use. News of your event can get lost in the shuffle. 

When that happens, it’s undoubtedly disheartening. You’ve put a lot of work into promotion, only for it to fall on deaf ears. 

At Skiddle, we have a tool that helps you advertise directly to the people in your area: E-Flyers. You could target up to 20,000 people. 

They are emails with your event information and its flyer that are sent to people within a 20-mile radius. We send them to people who’ve attended similar events to yours, as they’ll likely be interested in what you’re doing. 

The benefit here is refinement. 

You’re limiting the number of people who will likely send news of your event to their junk folder, meaning you’ve got a better chance of attracting new attendees. 

Fancy booking in an E-Flyer? Contact our Account Support team on 03333010301. 

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