How to Make the Most of your Event’s Facebook Page

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ll have seen that ‘Pages’ have been adjusted to look a lot more like your average ‘Profile’. Like ‘Profile’ pages, they also feature a timeline, meaning that the latest events will appear first, and the oldest last, which generally works out brilliantly, unless you have set about promoting something above the newest posts. In which case you’re more likely to find out what your latest visitor had for lunch today, and nothing about your event.

What, then, can be done about this? How can you be certain that your events aren’t going to be drowned in the humdrum nature that makes up the vast majority of Facebook posts?

Well, this is where the option of highlighting and pinning your important posts or events becomes highly important.

How to Highlight Important Content on Facebook Pages

With pinning, you can guarantee that your event, or promotion, will stay at the top of your page’s timeline, regardless of whatever your visitors decide to post. However the post won’t remain there forever. After 7 days it returns to the date it was posted on the timeline.

It’s best practice to include a picture with your ‘pins’, to ensure it sticks out on the page. To pin a post, you simply click on the pen symbol in the top right hand side corner of the page, and select ‘Pin to Top’.

If you wish to highlight your post, simply click on the star, which again is at the top right hand corner of the post. This will make sure your post will span both columns of the page, not just the one. Keep in mind that, whatever image you are posting needs to look good at this proportion.

Editing the order of your Facebook Event Page’s Apps

You also have at your disposal a few boxes that will help you advertise and promote your events. These include ‘Likes’, Photos’, and ‘Apps’. Decide which your most important one is, and make that the most visible. ‘Photos’ will default as the top box, but it’s entirely up to you as to the order after that.

To change the order of the boxes, select the downwards arrow at the right hand side of the boxes. The pen icon will reveal itself once you’ve hovered over the icon. Once you select the icon you will see the option to ‘Swap position with’. You can go from there and swap whatever is most relevant to you at that given time.

Remember you can search for Skiddle’s Facebook Timeline Integrated Ticket Shop App to sell tickets directly from your Facebook Events page.

Getting the Best from your Cover Photo

The ideal proportion of your cover photo is 315 pixels high, and 851 pixels wide. You’re stuck with that proportion, and it’s not possible to add links to it, but other than that, the rest is up to you.

It’s a good idea to add information about promotions you are working with, upcoming events, add twitter addresses, or reminders to ‘Like’ this page. It doesn’t just have to be a pretty picture!

What is the Best Content to Create New Likes for Your Facebook Events Page?

DJ’s will always have their mixes or latest productions up on free websites such as Soundcloud, or Mixcloud. Adding links to this media will create intrigue, and flesh out what the customer can expect from your event. Many DJ’s will also have their own websites, which again is good to add links to. It’s important that this content is related directly to performers, or elements of your promotion. If the content is unnecessary filler, it will detract from the overall message that you are trying to get out there.

Adding relevant links throughout your promotion will keep fans reminded of what is upcoming, and create anticipation of the event day. It also creates the option of customers sharing these links with their friends, and thus generating more interest in your page.

Remember you can link your Event’s Facebook Page up to your Skiddle event listing and you can even add a Facebook Timeline Integrated Ticket Shop, simply visit Skiddle’s promotion centre or give us a call on 0843 289 3333