How to make the most out of an August Bank Holiday event

August Bank Holiday Weekend is probably one of the best time to party in the UK’s event calendar. It tends to be a sunnier time of year, loads of people choose to have mini-end of summer breaks covering the bank holiday and there are generally loads of events taking place around the country, from massive festivals through to events in your local.

Although traditionally known as August Bank Holiday Weekend, technically the bank holiday that takes place at the end of August is known as the Summer Bank Holiday and of course, even though most of us think about August Bank Holiday as taking place over the whole weekend, it’s really just the Monday.

We’ve a couple of weeks away from the August Bank Holiday Weekend and although it’s always a better idea to get your events up and live early, if you haven’t already listed your August Bank Holiday event with Skiddle there’s still time and interest is only going to build in the lead up.

Think about the context

When thinking about the events you’re hosting over the bank holiday weekend period it’s good to think about the timing in context. Maybe one of the most obvious thing that’s happening around then is that the student population will be heading back to, or leaving for the first time for university.

The students who are just about to go to uni during freshers period probably want to have one last big night out together and although it’s quite a way off their departure dates, August Bank Holiday Weekend is one of the best opportunities – especially considering the A-Level students will have just got their A-Level results only a week or so earlier. So whatever you do make sure you provide a bit of a nod towards the student population to entice them in – don’t go overboard though, there are still plenty of non-students out there that will be looking to let it all hang out over August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Just as weather plays an important part in getting people out on sunny evenings or days, so too does the weather play an important part when your writing the copy to encourage people to attend and buy tickets in advance for your event – so be sure you put some emphasis on it. Remember, the general rule is the hottest day of the year is the day that most money is taken out of cash machines around the country – what else are people spending that money if not on leisure?

Skiddle’s August Bank Holiday related traffic is already starting to build up, it will start to get going more around Monday 12th and will really ramp up the following Monday (19th August) with people finding things to do over the following weekend.

As with any event, the key is to get your events listed as early as possible to ensure you’ve got the maximum visibility and to give people a chance to see the event, have a think about it, perhaps discuss it with friends before actually making the purchase. There’s still time.

Promoting your August Bank Holiday Weekend Events With Skiddle.com

Remember you can also use Skiddle to further advertise your August Bank Holiday Weekend events, either by buying banners (if you’re going to do that you need to get onto that fast as we recommend a minimum of two weeks to get the presence you need for your events), or by using the featured events functionality to make sure your events appear as high up in Skiddle’s listings as possible, finally if you’ve got something really special happening make sure you speak directly with your account manager to ensure we look at other opportunities such as sending out eflyers, promotion on our social media profiles as well as through editorial inclusions.

Adding your events to Skiddle is simple, just add them through the promotion centre and as long as the events take place over the August Bank Holiday period they’ll be included in our August Bank Holiday Guide, remember to be really effective be sure you mention August Bank Holiday Weekend and talk about how it’s generally sunny and focus on it being the last weekend of summer to really party.