How to use Skiddle to sell out your freshers 2020 event

If you’re a promoter, we know how frustrating things must be in the face of COVID-19 as certain venues are allowed to be open. Particular sectors are getting added support yet nightlife remains closed. However, socially distant events are now permitted, including indoor performances with socially distant audiences

At Skiddle we’ve seen an increase in the amount of socially distant events being added regionally, with one of the biggest and most successful being Social Avenue in Manchester. While freshers 2020 may be reduced, it’s certainly not cancelled. In a post-COVID world where we’re all on hyper alert, Skiddle has been at the forefront of event technological innovation from day one, so we’ve covered all of Skiddle’s core features that you can utilise for your covid safe event. 

Navigating freshers events during a pandemic

While we understand freshers can’t be exactly like it used to be, we know that you as promoters want to make the best of the situation you have and we’ve seen some great event innovations during this time. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for promoters and how to create events during COVID-19 so be sure to check those out for more info. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best of Skiddle’s online features to host any socially distant, covid-safe event.

Increase ticket sales with RapidScan and RapidScan Box Office from Skiddle

First launched in 2015, Skiddle’s RapidScan app offers a powerful, print-at-home barcoded ticket solution, scalable from a venue with 1 entrance and 1 scanner, through to festival sites with multiple entrances each with multiple scanners and synchronised redemption. Each ticket can be scanned in 1 second, so you can validate tickets in the click of a button and with the need for track and trace features, we offer real-time stats and analysis so you know who’s coming and going in no time. 

List of customer tickets on the Rapidscan app

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to a cashless society, so the RapidScan app is well suited to this as you can accept debit/credit cards as well as Apple Pay, AMEX and contactless. Our RapidScan app is ideal when looking to limit physical contact and manage event capacities. Not only does our app scan PDF or mobile tickets without any contact, scanning tickets can also be beneficial during and following your event.

Here’s how to add Box Office tickets to your event and how to successfully scan tickets on the day of your event. Skiddle also offers a complete kit for hire which includes an iPad Air, Bluetooth contactless card reader, receipt, ticket printer and cash drawer, all in an event-proof, waterproof flight case! 

Here’s how you can tap into Skiddle’s 3.3 million customers to sell out your freshers 2020 event

Our Account Support team works with you to create tailored emails advertising your event to the millions of visitors in Skiddle’s customer database. You can target recipients by location, age, gender, music preferences and favourite djs/bands. Pick data and supply the artwork, and we’ll handle everything else. Speak to your dedicated Account Manager if you’d like to start using eflyers. 

Advertise your freshers event with our Banner advertising 

Starting at just £99, we offer geographic targeting on our banners on the Skiddle website so you can maximise your sales to the right audience. Get in touch with our Account Support team for more details. 

Billboard banner advertising

Skiddle offers full social media integration and Facebook retargeting 

With full Facebook integration, you can sync your event to Facebook so that when you sell tickets online and a customer buys a ticket, we’ll add them to your Facebook attendees. We’ll also show your full attendee list on your Skiddle page to encourage friends to buy tickets at no extra cost. Skiddle also has the feature to track mentions of your event page on Twitter automatically. When customers complete their transaction, they’ll be prompted to share their ticket purchase with a tweet to help spread the word, plus follow your own twitter account to boost your following.

Targeted ads is a fan favourite of ours, as you can effectively retarget Facebook users who have viewed your event page but not yet purchased. By showing ads on social media pages, you can retarget them at the point where they spend most of their online time. 

Facebook campaign

Analysing your data to create the best freshers event

Don’t wait until after the event for your figures, we provide full sales figures whenever you need them. Respond to any dips in sales instantly to help your events sell out every time. View a full breakdown of how visitors landed on your event page using our campaign tracking tags – ideal for social media ads, email campaigns or anything you want to track.

Find your top spending and most loyal customers. With this data you can set up targeted emails campaigns or push special offers to the customers who attend your events the most.

Want to know your peak entry times? Need to know your footfall per hour? Our RapidScan feed can track this in detail. Find overall entry stats or breakdown by entrance or gate to make your staff planning easier.

About Skiddle 

Skiddle is currently the UK’s biggest What’s On guide, providing a free facility for event promoters across the UK to list their events online and sell tickets through our independent ticketing service. We currently work with over 35,000 UK and European promoters, at over 30,000 venues. We specialise in helping events through that critical growing phase by providing the marketing and technology support that you need. Start listing your events today!