How to use Skiddle to sell out your Freshers Week event

A few weeks ago, we published a list of Skiddle features that can help your Freshers Week event.

We’re a benevolent bunch here at Skiddle, so we thought, why not round up some more? 

This time, we’ve got four features that can help you sell out your Freshers Week event. You can find them all in the Promotion Centre, and they’ll help you be more efficient, build customer loyalty, drive traffic to your website and analyse the data for your events. 

Sounds interesting, right? Scroll down to get the lowdown. 

Use RapidScan to combat long wait times

RapidScan is our scanning solution that lets you scan a ticket in a second, manage multiple entrances and get real-time stats on who is at the venue. 

You’re making life easier for you and your attendees. Let’s face it: Queues are boring and long wait times can damage the reputation of your event. Customers will remember the times they got into an event quickly, which means there’s more chance of them coming again. That means you’ve got more chance of selling tickets for future events. 

Plus, it’s free. You can manage a pain point without having to break the bank. Click here and reap the benefits today. 

Analyse your data to create the best Freshers Week event

Don’t wait until after the event for your figures, we provide full sales figures whenever you need them. Respond to any dips in sales instantly to help your events sell out every time. 

View a full breakdown of how visitors landed on your event page using our campaign tracking tags – ideal for social media ads, email campaigns or anything you want to track.

Find your top spending and most loyal customers.

With this data, you can set up targeted email campaigns or push special offers to the customers who attend your events the most.

Want to know your peak entry times? Need to know your footfall per hour? Our RapidScan feed can track this in detail. Find overall entry stats or breakdown by entrance or gate to make your staff planning easier.

Sell tickets to drive traffic to your website

Did you know you can sell tickets to your Freshers Week event directly on your website?

You can do it via a ticket widget and a ticket box. If you’re running multiple events, it’s handy. People can come to your website, have a look at what’s on and click on which event they want to buy tickets for. Think of it as a one-stop shop for customer ticket needs. 

This feature can help turn website traffic into conversions. If you’ve recently published a blog post, you can link to your latest event at the bottom or throughout the piece. Everything is in one place and customers won’t have to click away from your website to buy tickets. 

Selling tickets on your website is just a click away.

Photo: Pexels.com

Use the Promotion Centre to become more efficient

The Beta Promotion Centre lets you add new and existing members to your profile 

This feature allows you to give team members specific permissions. As the account owner, you’ll always have the power to access everything you need. But what about the finance whizz who monitors all your remittance reports? By assigning them permissions to the remittance section of your account, you’ll never have to worry about sharing login details again. 

The workflow becomes more efficient. Your staff can focus solely on their tasks, and when everyone knows exactly what they’re doing, you can focus on yours. You’re empowering yourself and your team to deliver the best events to your audience whilst saving yourself much stress and valuable time. 

Working smarter is just a click away. And don’t forget, if you run into trouble, we’re always on hand to help. Scroll to the bottom of the email to speak to our Account Support team. 

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