How we use our social networks

We’ve changed the way we do things on our social networks. As we’ve watched our audiences evolve and also the networks themselves undertake huge changes, we’ve had to react to make sure that we maximise them not only for our own potential, but for the thousands of promoters that use us to sell their tickets.

This blog post is to relay exactly how these changes affect you, the people who sell tickets with us, and how you can capitalise on the way we now do things for your own gain. We need fresh content from promoters to push via our networks, so here is a guide to how to feed us info for us to administer via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Facebook is getting smarter at limiting the way in which content that takes you away from their site is administered, so we’ve had to change our approach to make sure we don’t fail to capitalise on the medium. We’ve learnt that announcements directly around events only do well when they surround huge news; headliners for 20000+ parties, old clubs reopening and so on. It’s counter-productive for everyone if posts aren’t responded to well via our audiences, particularly in light of the way people use Skiddle for so many different things, so we’ve drastically cut back on this type of post.

What Facebook users do respond well to is fresh quality content – and this is reflected in the way they have changed their algorithms which control how many of an audience sees a post; using their software to limit sales posts and the ilk. We’ve taken this on board and will be using our Facebook to share media as opposed to a bulletin service – and this is where we need the input of our promoters.

Facebook has become very video led, so any of them you think our audiences would like to see, please feel free to send through to our editorial team or your account manager for consideration. We’ve also been less salesy with the way we communicate, which applies to both the message we send out and the media we use, so please take this on board when pushing things our way.

So videos detailing line up announcements are less suitable, whereas good quality videos of DJs smashing a club are (although anything longer than two to three minutes rarely works). We also push our own media – podcasts, Spotify playlists and the occasional interview and mix – through Facebook so if you aid us in this realm it’s more likely you will appear on there.

Also if you want to run a competition on Skiddle let us know – they need a big prize to take off but always reach a five figure audience.

Contact Jimmy Coultas for anything related to Facebook.



Twitter is less restrictive on how information being pushed out there, so we’re tweeting a lot more regularly. Every article we write gets at least two tweets, usually more than that, so anything you submit to us for inclusion on our site we will push via this way. We always retweet news articles of ours which you share as well; so keep doing that!

Sharing the content we create for you is paramount, especially on twitter. We’ll always retweet when it relates to the material we’ve created around an event, and we always include twitter logins of the relevant promoters and actively encourage you to do the same. Twitter remains a very instantaneous format and it relies on a consistent and steady stream of information, quite the opposite of Facebook, so the more the merrier in terms of sharing articles.

If you want us to retweet you the best way to do so is to include our content – and by that we mean what is utilised in our news section. We simply can’t retweet every ticket announcement or ticket link from our promoters, so very rarely will do so, but if one of the artists playing an event has submitted a mix via our Mixcloud, been interviewed in the past or features on any of our news articles, include that in the tweet.

We will also do the occasional tweet around line ups and advertising events – but this is usually only when large scale events go on sale. We’ve been pushing for a more conversational tone on our networks and removing the constant stream of salesy communication has helped this side of things. Again competitions, where we ask people to write a tweet with ourselves and an event tagged in, work realy well, but only with big prizes.

One final thing to think of for twitter – they have become a lot better at showcasing the links on each tweets. Soundcloud and YouTube plays via the tweets, photos show up on the new timeline format, so anything of this nature please send our way as well, as we fill it full of the music, videos and images that we’re into.

Contact Jimmy Coultas again for twitter related enquiries.

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We now have a very popular Instagram account. We use this to run competitions, showcase our sellers and our content, and let people know what we get up to. We also showcase images from events on sale with us, both before and after, so if you have any great images be sure to let us know.

This is a great way of us communicating with our customers, and if you think you’ve got a great idea for a competition or fantastic images you think we should share, let us know. To get in touch about our Instagram account please email Ben Smith and Becca Frankland.

We hope this clears things up a little for you!