Improve your ad performance and ticket sales with the new Facebook update

Facebook (Meta) have recently made a big announcement which will allow advertisers to track their conversions more accurately and potentially lead to better reporting, improved ad performance and more conversions. If you are listing events on Skiddle and running ads on Facebook or Instagram (or plan to), this article is for you.

You have probably heard at some point in the past couple of years that Facebook has to make some changes to their tracking of iOS users due to restrictions imposed by Apple. These changes meant that if you were listing tickets on Skiddle and running ads on Facebook/Instagram, it’s possible some of your conversions were unable to be reported by Facebook.

Meta introduced something called Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) to counteract this but this solution was very limiting if you were sending traffic and tracking conversions on a domain you didn’t own.

What’s Changed?

Facebook has now completely removed AEM. Although they haven’t officially announced how, this means they have found a better way of tracking iOS users without the previous limitations.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Better Conversion Tracking – Your campaigns will lose less conversions now that it can track iOS users better which could mean improved results and better visibility of which campaigns are working.
  2. Improved Pixel Tracking – You can now track pixel events without having to have them registered on Skiddle.com which means better pixel tracking.

Why this is good for you

These changes mean you can now track more events and conversions from more users regardless of what device they’re using to purchase your tickets.

You’ll receive improved conversion reporting in Facebook Ads Manager which means better tracking of your ticket sales. Since this is likely your main objective, this change is huge for you.

More ticket sales data and more accurate reporting means you can make more informed decisions and improve your ad performance and ultimately more ticket sales.

Finally, Facebook’s algorithm is powered by data so all of the above means the platform has more data to help it find the people most likely to buy your tickets. 

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