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Introducing: Artist Alerts

The key to successful promotion has always been getting your event noticed by the right kinds of people, something that in practice can be somewhat trickier than it sounds. Always looking at ways to make your job as a promoter an easier one whilst still putting the customer first, Skiddle has just unleashed an exciting new feature which will guarantee just that, instant exposure to consumers that will want to attend your event.


You can now automatically alert fans of artists on your line up as soon as tickets are released for your event. Skiddle collates information from users Facebook and iTunes to discern who each customer’s favourite artists are, then tracks those artists for them via the Skiddle App. The new feature incorporates a matching algorithm that finds customers within travelling distance of your event who are also tracking the artists on your lineup. As soon as the event is listed, the customer will receive a push notification straight to their phone (as displayed in the image above), which links directly to your event’s tickets.

Our tests have unsurprisingly shown a huge success rate, with a conversion of a mammoth 40% on customers we’ve trialled the feature with. And the best bit? Signing up to Artist Alerts is absolutely free. Here’s how you can start using the feature:

1. Tag the correct artists to your event. We have over 40,000 artists in our database already, but if an artist doesn’t already exist, you can add it yourself.
2. Ensure tickets are on sale with Skiddle.
3. Alerts will automatically be sent, as soon as tickets are available to purchase.

This facility is currently only available to certain key accounts, but will soon be available to all promoters shortly. Artist Alerts is now available via our iPhone app, with Android and email alerts becoming available in the coming weeks.

To find out more about implementing this feature on your event, contact our Account Managers here.

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