Maximising ticket on sale opportunities – tell Skiddle!

When you put your tickets on sale, you want to make sure you’re making enough noise about it that it generates interest and gets a momentum of its own so you ride the wave. All too often people just put their event’s tickets on sale and then sit back.

So you’ve decided the what, when and where, the next thing you’ve got to do is let people know about your event. This seems obvious, you’re probably going to start thinking about which ticket agency you’re going to use and a good number of you out there will choose Skiddle (hopefully you’ve made that decision already).

That’s great. Skiddle’s a self-service platform, which means you’re going to be able to upload your listing and even add tickets without the hassle of speaking to us; then you just sit back and wait for the orders to come in, right? Well possibly, and it does happen. Every now and then an event is added to Skiddle and before we know it traffic’s going crazy and sales are coming in left right and centre.

With hundreds of thousands of events listed on Skiddle, the handful of events that go live and sell like crazy really stand out. You’ve got to ask yourself, is your event one of those handful!? If it’s not likely to be there are things we can do to help you build up the kind of hype that you’ll need to generate momentum when your tickets go on sale.

It’s all about teasing out the message to the right people. We have a massive potential target audience to promote your event to – afterall that’s part of the reason you’re choosing Skiddle in the first place, but it doesn’t have to stop with the self-service element of the Promotion Centre. We tease out on sales through social media, news articles, competitions, featured listings in our what’s on guides, banner advertising on Skiddle and by targeted eshots.

Don’t just use Skiddle as an events listings and ticket sales platform, get in touch with an account manager by emailing actmanagers@skiddle.com or by calling 0843 289 9489, you be able to get them to help you promote your event. You’ll be surprised what kind of a difference having Skiddle on board right from the start can be and if you are lucky enough to expect crazy levels of interest in your event’s on sale you should definitely get in touch as there’s even more we can do to help you out!