New Editors in the Editorial Department


In 2015 our primary goal has been aligning our focus on three core areas of events, namely festivals, live music and clubs and electronic music. It’s been the role of the editorial team to spotlight these spheres but ahead of even more changes to the way the Skiddle website looks we’ve now given each section their own editor, all of whom will be primarily responsible for the content for each of those three components.

Mike Warburton will now be focusing on Festivals, with Becca Frankland taking over an expanded version of Mike’s previous role to become the Clubs & Electronic Music Editor. The final position of Live Music Editor is taken up by Ben Smith, with all three having been employed by the team in the past – you’ve probably come across them if you’ve pitched for stories before.

Although they are technically starting on Monday June 1st, if you want to get in touch with them and/or update your records before then their email addresses are as follows:

Mike Warburton: Festivals Editor
Ben Smith: Live Music Editor
Becca Frankland: Clubs & Electronic Music Editor

There will be some slow shifts in the types of news stories we run in the future, but this is now the creation of the biggest full time writing staff Skiddle has ever had, with more appointments planned for the rest of the year. If you’re unsure on how best to contact our editorial team here’s the previous blogs we’ve wrote on the subject:

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