New Functionality: add multiple events

If you need to quickly add multiple events to Skiddle which are at the same venue (for example a weekly club night, regular exhibition, etc) we now have a quick way to do so.

Using our ‘Quick Add’ form you can enter some basic information that all your events will share (title, short description, etc) then enter specific dates, with an area to add a description, or artist lineup for each date if you wish.

Once you hit save, our system will create individual listings for each date you’ve entered, so you can manage them individually. Have a read about this nifty new tool here: Quick Add listings help page



You can also use the ‘Copy to new event’ feature if you wish, this takes the event info you’ve entered, and lets you quickly create a new event from this template. This is ideal if you want to run a similar event at different venues, for example.