Police call for regulation of ticket sales industry

As a primary ticket agency, we deal directly with the event promoters and venues in order to sell tickets for events, big and small, taking place primarily across the UK.

Recently the BBC reported that the Metropolitan Police have asked the government to introduce legislation around the resale of tickets to gigs and sports events.

During the Olympics, Operation Podium dealt with ticketing fraud, as well as looking t ticket fraud at other events. The report off the back of Operation Podium summarized that self regulation of the ticket was probably not enough to ensure and that government interaction should be encouraged to help ensure transparency. Unfortunately, Operation Podium is due to be disbanded in March.

As a primary ticket outlet we do all we can to prevent secondary ticket outlets getting hold of tickets sold through Skiddle and selling them on at extortionate prices and we are 99% sure that our systems are advanced enough to mitigate this problem.

There’s an argument to be had for providing a service that allows genuine fans to sell tickets for events however it’s easy to see how this could be abused by individuals or companies and that’s why the primary ticket sales industry has suggested a cap on the markup of the face value of the tickets may be the best solution.

Skiddle’s Ticketing Director, Richard Dyer commented: “We’ve got to put an end to the commercialization of the secondary ticketing sector. As a primary ticket outlet, Skiddle want people to have the ability of selling a ticket on if they can’t attend or have bought the ticket by mistake – these things happen, we can understand that, however we can’t condone anyone selling on a ticket in the current environment because it simply leads to the perception there’s  quick buck to be made by snapping up tickets for events and then selling them on at inflated rates. It’s wrong and it damages the perception of our industry.”

Selling tickets on Skiddle is easy, an event promoter simply needs to list their event and add tickets to Skiddle’s Promotion Centre, we’ll do the rest!