Post-January Payday Events – Being Prepared

January is traditionally a quiet month for the live events industry, it’s the time when many promoters put on a free event to try and get people through the doors.

Many people up and down the country have been paid early in December, and a good deal of them will have over spent in that time, either buying presents or by going out to the big events that take place in the festive period, such as Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day.

January Ticket Sales Are Always So

So as an event promoter, you’ve put your head down and just hoped to get through January, much the same as the event goers really. However, there is something you can be doing, and that’s preparing for the end of January. Traditionally the weekend after January payday is when event goers go out in strength and say “thank f*ck we’ve got through January”.

It’s a bit of an interesting one because January ticket sales are always going to be slow, however that doesn’t mean that you should list your events and promote them because trust us, there are loads of people out there searching to try and work out what they’ll be doing on that post-payday weekend to wash away the January blues.

Consistent Approach to Early Feb Events Promotion

The key thing to do is to keep on getting information about your events out there. You can send anything over to editor@skiddle.com and we’ll see what we can do to get your event featured in our news section, and perhaps even promote it through our social media channels – alternatively have a chat with one of Skiddle’s account managers to come up with a plan for promoting your event with us by calling 0843 289 3333.

Remember not too confuse the event going public too much about the first weekend after January payday and any events you’re doing for Valentine’s – they are very different nights.

Different companies have different rules on when payday falls, the majority of businesses out there operate an end of month policy in which the last working day of the month is payday, this year that falls on a Thursday so the post-payday events are going to be targeted around the first weekend in February. This also means that your advanced bookings are going to pick up on 31st January, which means you don’t have the same level of security in knowing how your event is going to perform much before the big night itself.

January Payday Ticket Sales Rush

Don’t fear – historically payday is the day people around the country breathe a collective sigh of relief and just gets on with planning there next big night out, crucially this is the day they start buying tickets en mass for the weekend.

The intervening time can be used to build up the excitement and anticipation for Thursday 31st January – that’s as much of a key date in the marketing of your event as the event itself.

Get your event listed with tickets on sale now through the Skiddle Promotion Centre, keep an eye on the stats and crucially keep talking to your followers on Twitter and Facebook.