Working with Radio 1

This week we’ve been working alongside the BBC in Norwich, helping them deliver Radio 1’s Academy. The events are designed to provide young people the opportunity to gain an insight into music and media, a hugely valuable aspect of the corporation’s public service remit.

The BBC approached us wanting to exclusively use RapidScan for all their ticketing, so a selection of our staff headed down to help across the week long event. You can see three of our account management team getting in the spirit of the event below.

The Academy run several workshops per day, many of which start at the same time or overlap. We’ve been using multiple iPads and iPhones to get everyone in as quickly and smoothly as possible. Due to the size and importance of the Academy the BBC require live stats at any given time, something which we’ve also been able to provide instantaneously.

For the events that hadn’t sold out we’ve been able to sign people showing interest up using the Guestlist Manager and enter them instantly which has led to nearly all the events being fully attended – something extremely valuable with a public funded initiative. While at the event, and due to how impressed the BBC were with our system, they asked us to create tickets for the Live Lounge (which hadn’t been previously discussed).

We’ve personally managed to catch some of the workshops, including Jake Humphreys giving a talk on how to break in to Journalism and the beatboxer Intensi-T attempting to teach us his skills (we weren’t very good).

We’ve covered live tweeting at these workshops as well (see above), something we’ll revisit on the blog later in the week as a review of how we’ve used social media to continue the great conversations the event has inspired.