Skiddle Bus gets a makeover

As many of you will now Skiddle’s double decker bus is a regular feature at many of the UK’s festivals, serving as a green room, press office, general site office or just a nice chill out space for festival goers looking to charge their phone or use the internet.

The bus was starting to look like it had been to too many festivals and had had too little sleep, so we thought we’d give it a bit of a makeover to help it recover.

Skiddle’s branding has evolved slightly since the last time the bus was painted so this represented the ideal opportunity to bring it up to date. Now that all the work’s complete, the Skiddle Bus will be ready for action to be used by 2014 festivals and other events requiring the kind of space the Skidde Bus provides.

How the Skiddle Bus used to look

It’s really important the bus portrays the right brand image as it’s not just a case of it being seen at festivals, we get countless mentions and photos on social media whenever it goes anywhere, so it’s really important it looks the part and is on message.

This is how the Skiddle Bus used to look when it first hit the festival scene:

Skiddle Bus

The New Skiddle Bus

We’ve gone for a matte black look this time and have incorporated the Weekends Matter diamond, which is an element of Skiddle’s branding we’ve been pushing much more lately, to place additional emphasis on Skiddle’s brand culture.

Skiddle Bus Makeover

What is the Skiddle Bus?

The Skiddle Bus can be used in a wide variety of ways, and although it’s a mainstay of the UK’s festival scene, it doesn’t just have to be used at festivals. The bus is kitted out with comfy seats, brew making facilities plus it come with wifi internet via a satelite connection.

It’s pretty cool and people love to chill out there – let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a double decker bus?

Get in touch to hire the Skiddle Bus

If you’d like to discuss hiring the Skiddle Bus for your event get in touch by calling 0843 289 3333.