Skiddle Customers Raise Hundreds of Pounds for Children in Need Through Skiddle

It’s that time of year again when people around the country are raising money for the youngsters of the UK and Skiddle is pleased to be doing our bit to help out!

Skiddle customers have been busy donating to our chosen charity, the BBC’s annual Children in Need appeal, they’ve done this by simply adding a pound to their purchase.

It’s not over yet, and we’re about to come up to one of our busiest times of the week, however we’ve already raised hundreds of pounds to donate to the cause and we’re hoping our customers will continue to donate towards this worthwhile charity before the day’s out!

If you’re about to purchase something from Skiddle be sure to check the donate £1 box!

Supporting Charities on Skiddle

Skiddle has worked with a number of charities through the years, in the past having raised over £5,000 for C.A.L.M and around £6,00 for DEC Africa, we’re especially keen to work with charities that contribute towards.

Promoters can nominate a charity for their own ticket sales or if you’re a charitable organisation and you think your charity would be suitable for Skiddle’s target audience (which predominately has an age range between 20 – 35) just get in touch to discuss how we could work together.

Remember there is still time to support Children in Need, when you proceed through the checkout just check the box to donate £1!