Skiddle data suggests the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, whilst men only want one thing

Each year, men and women across the UK start thinking about a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day. As the UK’s largest what’s on guide, with a live booking system for tens of thousands of restaurants and hotels, Skiddle.com is ideally placed to analyse Valentine’s Day trends – and it seems that there are some clear distinctions between men and women’s take on a ‘romantic Valentine’s Day’.

Highest on the list of activities booked by women is a romantic meal for two. The types of cuisine booked around Valentine’s Day follow similar trends to the rest of the year, with Italian restaurants being the most popular; however there is a significant increase in the number of steak houses and grills booked, perhaps a romantic nod by the nation’s women to suit a more masculine pallet.

As an indicator of overall economic trends, there has been a drop in the average price people are prepared to pay for a meal during the Valentine’s period, with the 2010 average costing around £26, dropping to £24 last year and which appears to be on course to drop further still this year.

During the Valentine’s period, there is an increase in the number of men booking hotel rooms, and that appears to be about as romantic as it gets. Less than 1% of male hotel bookers go on to book a restaurant. The romance isn’t completely dead though, during this period there is an increase in the number of 4 star hotels booked, which increases from around 30% during the rest of the year to over 50% of total hotel bookings.

Although Skiddle’s male hotel bookers are more willing to stay in a 4 star hotel for Valentine’s rather than the 3 star hotels they’d happily stay in the rest of the year, that’s where they draw the line with only 5% of male hotel bookers being prepared to book a stay in a more expensive 5 star hotel.
Skiddle Director, Ben Sebborn commented: “ We’ve been analysing Valentine’s trends for years and every year we see the same thing, men are more likely to book a stay in a hotel whereas women are more likely to book a trip to a restaurant. Draw your own conclusions on that!”

Skiddle’s research also demonstrates that men and women start thinking about Valentine’s Day at different times. Sebborn went on to say: “This is probably the only time of year that men are more organised than women. Men start preparing for Valentine’s Day around the 7th February, whereas women are more likely to start booking their Valentine’s Day 13th February.”


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