Skiddle launches Re:Sell and ‘cooling off period’

In our quest to make customers and promoters as happy as possible whilst at the same time take away the power of the ticket tout (read about what else we’re doing about that here), we’re proud to launch an exciting new ticketing feature, Re:Sell, that allows ticket buyers to sell on unwanted tickets for sold out events.


It’ll have happened to all of us at some point – you buy tickets to an event you’re excited about, but in the mean time life happens and you have no option but to change plans. Instead of the customer desperately looking around for someone to buy their tickets, or inundating your event page on Facebook with tickets for sale posts, Re:Sell is a platform that allows the customer to put their tickets back up for sale with no extra work from the promoter – something no other ticket seller can offer.

It completely cuts out the touts on the secondary ticketing market, meaning customers can expect to pay the correct price for tickets instead of the grossly inflated prices we’d normally see, something that customers will jump all over.

It’s a huge plus for promoters – the Re:Sell function means the number of ‘no-shows’ at your events will all but disappear, which impacts your bar and merchandise income in a big way. What’s more, Re:Sell is completely risk free – if the tickets put up by the customer aren’t resold then they go back to the initial buyer, so the promoter can’t possibly lose out on any sales.

If you’d like to enable Re:Sell for your events, head here for more info.


We’re also introducing a ticketing industry first – Cool:Off. Working closely with many promoters, we’ve worked on a way of doing what the retail sector do, and encouraging impulse buys by introducing no questions asked refund policy on all ticket sales. This has been a big sticking point for countless customers who feel the ticketing sector, where refunds are hard to come by, doesn’t have their interests at heart. In fact a UPS study showed that 82% of customers look for flexible refunds when shopping online.

Cool:Off means customers get a 72 hour grace period to change their minds on ticket purchases, something frankly unprecedented in the ticketing sector. There are some provisos however – it doesn’t apply for the last week before your event commences, thus protecting your busiest sales period, and no refunds are offered after the event has passed. This will encourage earlier ticket sales, a welcome occurrence for any promoter, and mean customers will be far more likely to buy if your event is listed with Skiddle.

But if you’re not keen, there’s no pressure – it’s a free, opt-in feature, so it’s entirely up to you whether you want to utilise it or not, and we’d take care of the refunds process without any extra work on your behalf. Our tests on the new feature have yielded significant results, showing a boost of up to 27% on ticket sales and a bigger attendance at events – give it a try or find out more here.