Skiddle Net Promoter Score 2018\19 results

Back in December, we gave you a roundup of our most successful year to date. As part of this, we conducted two surveys using Survey Monkey, to gauge our current customer and promoter NPS scores.

The Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships.

Our aim for the customer NPS score was to increase it from +48 (recorded October 2017) to +58 and over the course of the year we sent out three surveys in total. We’re extremely pleased to say that not only did we manage to achieve what we’d set out to do, but increased our score to a whopping +68 which is classed as ‘Excellent’. A score of above 70 is considered to be ‘World Class’ so, of course, this is our next target!

The promoter NPS score hadn’t been determined since August 2017 when we’d scored +26. We wanted to massively improve upon this and set ourselves a goal of +40. Again, we’re really chuffed to announce that we breezed this and achieved a score of +48.

Now, we’re looking at more ways in which we can improve the service we provide as our ever-expanding family continues to grow and 2019 is already looking to be another record breaking year for Skiddle!