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Skiddle does Football!

We know what you’re thinking. Skiddle selling football tickets? However, during the pandemic, Skiddle has been working on widening our range of events so we can help our customers enjoy more of the things they love and access events which they are allowed to attend in line with new restrictions.  Recently, we’ve successfully brought on…

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What are you thinking?

Booking Fee Credit has launched As you may or not know, it is industry standard amongst ticket agents to retain booking fees when events are cancelled or postponed, due to the costs of processing bookings and refunds. Skiddle is one of the very few ticket agents to have refunded booking fees in full. However, due…

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The Advantages of RapidScan

RapidScan has been one of our longest serving and most successful services, one that has been embraced by the large majority of our clients for the simple and efficient way it revolutionises event entry. It’s a vital tool that enables fast gate entry and allows the user to easily monitor who has entered their event….

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Case Study: Gatecrasher

Photo: Gatecrasher What started as a small scale, one-off event soon grew into one of the UK’s most iconic clubbing brands. During the 90s the Sheffield-based club became the leading light in the trance movement, nurturing a community of flamboyant, hedonistic ravers who’d travel from all across the country to lap up the decadent, life-affirming clubbing experience soundtracked…

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