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Viagogo accused of “moral repugnance” after Ed Sheeran charity tickets appear on site with excessive mark up

Image: Ed Sheeran In what might be one of the most unsavoury developments in secondary ticketing yet, tickets for a sold-out charity concert Ed Sheeran will be performing at have appeared on re-sell websites for extortionate prices. Sheeran, who is no stranger to being targetted by touts, will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall…

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Robbie Williams’ management listed tickets straight onto secondary sites according to BBC

Photo: Robbie Williams Despite signing a Harvey Goldsmith petition which deplored the practices of the secondary ticketing market and its industrial scale exploitation of fans, it’s been alleged that Robbie Williams and his management team ie:music has been putting tickets for the singer’s upcoming tour directly onto Get Me In and Seatwave, at inflated prices. As investigated by the Victoria Deryshire…

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Government Review of Secondary Ticketing Calls For Licencing and Greater Enforcement of CRA

On the back of growing public outcry over the extortionate reselling of gig tickets for bands like Radiohead and Adele, the government has just released an independent, 227 page review assessing the issues within the secondary ticketing market, detailing where touts and scalpers are causing the most damage, and what responsibilities secondary ticketing websites have…

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