The Advantages of RapidScan

RapidScan has been one of our longest serving and most successful services, one that has been embraced by the large majority of our clients for the simple and efficient way it revolutionises event entry. It’s a vital tool that enables fast gate entry and allows the user to easily monitor who has entered their event. Let’s just recap on some of the finer points of RapidScan.

Using the downloadable RapidScan App to scan your customers into your events will redeem their tickets on our servers instantly. This means if there are any complications you can see what time that customer entered your event, which is vitally important should investigations from the authorities or customer dissatisfaction take place. All the data is live instantly and you can view the live stats on the App at any time – you can be anywhere in the world and view your customers tickets being redeemed.

Scanning each of your customers in saves you time on your door, while using the App’s searching facility if any issues arise means that discrepancies can be solved quickly and the queue kept moving. You can also interact with your customers after the event – in the Promotion Centre you can find lots of full detailed reports, the most important showing you what times your customers entered, which means you can plan your gate staffing with greater accuracy.

You’re not just stuck on one gate either, with RapidScan you can use the App on multiple entrances, so if you want your VIP’s to go into another entrance all the data is pushed instantly and the system updated. You can also filter out what ticket types you want to scan, so if you want only your guests down one lane or entrance then you can limit the App to scan only their tickets. Other advantages include:

  • No more crossing off paper lists
  • Faster entry and less queues
  • Keep selling online while your doors are open, no need to set the tickets off sale and lose out on guaranteed ticket funds and valuable customer data.
  • If someone arrives without their tickets you can look the customer up and manually enter them.
  • Customers can easily transfer the name on the ticket and also send their friends the QR codes. No more all arriving at once to gain entry.
  • If you have any customer issues after the event you can easily identify if they were scanned in or not. (This helps substantiate their story on entering the event, which is vital if, for example you have an act that goes off stage early and you want to offer those who attended refunds. You can’t do that on an e-ticket list).
  • All scanned data is kept in the Promotion Centre meaning you have a permanent breakdown of customers entered.
  • You can interact with the entered customers after the show, offer them incentives or just gather priceless data and feedback.
  • Entry stats are easily available on the App, you can visualise a graph of times entered meaning you can plan for future events around staffing levels
  • The RapidScan App is free to download.

Head here for RapidScan FAQ’s. Find out more about using the App here.

Download RapidScan for iPhone / Android.