The Ghost of Jayne

Some of you may know that our Editor Jayne (the infamous Jayne @ Skiddle if you’re on our mailing list!) recently left Skiddle for pastures new.

We’ve appointed a new Editor who will be taking up the Editorship of Skiddle in the next few weeks, in the meantime, and as we are all coming to terms with the end of Jayne @ Skiddle’s tenure, our recent weekly newsletter has been sent out from The Ghost of Jayne.

Jayne’s three years as Skiddle’s Editor has been an amazing period of growth for Skiddle and everyone here appreciates the work and effort she put in. Over that time Skiddle has grown into the national brand you see today, dealing with millions of visitors every year and catering for some of the largest and most exciting events taking place throughout the UK and further afield, Jayne’s Editorship of Skiddle’s News section has in no small way contributed to this growth.

The Twittersphere seems to be enjoying receiving emails from The Ghost of Jayne, our ghost writer for the time being!

Our new Editor will be taking over the reigns in a few weeks, expect to see a renewed focus on editorial content as well as new opportunities for media partnerships. In the meantime, please address any press correspondence to editorial@skiddle.com where it will be picked up and dealt with by our content team, as always, be sure to speak to your account manager if you’ve got something that urgently needs to get out there.

Keep your eyes peeled for more words from The Ghost of Jayne….