The Photographer Behind Skiddle’s NYE Marketing Campaign

No matter where you are in the country you’ve probably spotted our New Year’s Eve marketing campaign. Here you’ll find out a little more about the photographer that provided that photograph.

Skiddle is a firm believer in pictures setting the scene for our customers, as such as are always on the look out for that perfect shot that encapsulate those special moments.

For our New Year’s Eve campaign we found a shot by long-time friend of Skiddle, German born, adopted Mancunian, photographer Sebastian Matthes, covering a crowd scene from inside Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

When choosing the shot for our NYE campaign, Matthes’ photo really stood out in communicating the potential scale and excitement of a New Year’s Eve night out.

Here is an example of how the photograph is being used on a billboard on Hyde Park Corner in Leeds:

Skiddle Billboard in Hyde Park Corner Leeds

To get a feel for Matthes’ photographs, head on over to his website: manox.net or alternatively call him to discuss working more closely on +44 (0)79 400 88142.