Thinking of putting on a Freshers event? Use these 5 tools to help

Freshers week is around the corner. 

With the enrolments, move-ins and registrations comes an influx of new people that could be the audience of your new club night this freshers week. 

So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of putting an event on when you get to university, this article is for you. 

We’ll show you how to sign up, list events with us in the Promotion Centre and then tell you about the benefits of 5 free features we can offer to help you on your way as a student promoter. 

How to sign up for Skiddle

But before we get into the features, here’s how to sign up to Skiddle if you haven’t already. 

Here here and click ‘Add Your Event’. Then, enter your email address, create a password and confirm that password. You’ll be all set to list your freshers events with us in no time. 

Take advantage of new networks with Reps

Got a new friend that seems to know everyone?

Well, with our reps feature, you can bring them into your team as a dedicated ticket seller in exchange for cash or money can’t buy rewards.

Then, your reps can promote your event to their friends. Think of it as a way to expand your network and attract new people to your event. Your reps can sell to their friends, who can then let their friends know. The result? A natural feedback loop for your event, with news spreading via word of mouth. 

But Reps can also help you with marketing. If you’re struggling to shift last-minute tickets, hold a pop-up sale with your reps. You can put the news out via social media and create a sense of urgency around the event. 

More information on Reps can be found here. Expanding your network is just a click away. 

Harness the flexibility of Discount Codes

Our brand-new, free-to-use Discount Codes feature is now live on the Promotion Centre. 

You can offer single, multi and unlimited-use discount codes to your attendees, which can help build customer loyalty, assist you with event promotion and entice new attendees. 

Discount codes scattered across the year can create valuable experiences for a customer, making it more likely that they’ll think of your brand as somewhere they can get a good deal. 

Single-use discount codes distributed via social media are a great way to create urgency around your event, and a discount code for every newsletter sign-up can swing the balance in your favour in a busy market.

Those are the benefits. Head here and watch our video below to learn about the feature. 

Photo: Chad Kirchoff / Pexels.com

Get ahead of the algorithm with Remind Me

Social Media algorithms? They’re getting harder to crack. 

Take X – formerly known as Twitter, for example – they prioritise users who’ve signed up for paid services. So, underneath a viral tweet, you’ll likely see the replies of those with a blue tick next to their name. 

This is where Remind Me comes in. The feature allows your customers to add themselves to the list, receiving a text and email alert the day before your event is due to go on sale. To make sure they don’t miss out, we’ll let them know again 15 minutes before tickets go on sale. 

It gives you an advantage. You can still do all the traditional promotion on social media, but divert your customers to Remind Me. Do your best to encourage attendees to sign up; let us give them a nudge, and hopefully, watch the conversions roll in from the people who signed up. 

Head here to learn how to get ahead of the algorithm.

Eliminate touts and no-shows with Re:Sell

You’ll encounter no-shows on your journey as a promoter. People buy a ticket: they get ill, double-book or have to dogsit for their cousin’s pooch. But you still have to account for the losses. 

Touts, on the other hand, make things worse for everyone. Someone’s out there making money off the back of your hard work. Meanwhile, potential attendees are being charged sky-high amounts for a ticket which might not even be genuine. It can hurt your brand’s reputation. 

So, where do we come in? ‘Re:Sell’. It’s a feature in the Promotion Centre that helps you limit no-shows and eliminate touts. If a customer can’t attend an event, they can use Re:Sell to sell it. We’re the official ticket agent, which means we can verify the status of the tickets. 

There’s a fewer chance of no-shows, too. Someone can attend the event without paying over the odds, you don’t lose any of your remittance and touts can’t take advantage of your hard work. 

Limiting no-shows and eliminating touts is just a click away. 

Create a wait that’s worth it with Waiting List

It can be frustrating for customers when tickets sell out. Naturally, there’ll be excitement when you release additional tickets or tickets become available via Re:Sell. 

However, life can get in the way. Work and other distractions mean people can miss out on newly released tickets. After all, not everybody is sitting refreshing the listing page, waiting for additional tickets to go on sale. 

So, what’s the solution? Waiting List. It’s a feature in our Promotion Centre, letting customers sign up to a queue for any extra tickets that have gone on sale. 

We automatically enable it when your event sells out. Then, we reserve tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis. It’s a fair way of deciding who can buy the extra tickets. 

With Waiting List, you can direct customers asking about extra tickets to one place. Plus, you can use it to combat no-shows. The more that people know about the prospect of extra tickets, the less likely you are to have people with tickets not coming to your event. 

We think it’s a wait that’s worth it. Click here to find out more

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