Updates to our Rapidscan iOS app!

Our new RapidScan iOS app (version 2.0.0) has officially been released on IOS, with Android to follow very soon. 

The updates include:

  • Sync times between multiple scanners are now near instant.
  • Huge performance improvements throughout the app.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Improved statistics that now show admissions in real time.
  • Tags – you can now group ticket types of your choosing for use in statistics and filters, e.g. a Vehicle tag could be created, grouping all Vehicle type tickets, allowing you to easily see how many vehicles have been entered into your event.
  • You can now apply filters from the scan screen, allowing you restrict access to certain ticket types – e.g. scanner on VIP gate can be restricted to only allow entry of VIP type tickets.
  • Order information screen will now tell you specific details of each order/ticket and also when/where it was scanned.
  • Search for customers by more fields such as barcode.
  • Filter statistics by time, i.e. set a time range to see how many tickets were entered between a specific start and end time.
  • Box office refresh – performance has been greatly improved and now supports the latest iZettle card readers.

If you have any questions about RapidScan at your events, please contact your dedicated Account Manager, email our friendly Account Support team – promoters@skiddle.com or call 033 3301 0301.